Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Travel Resources

Ever wonder what services and companies we use for planning our trips? Below is a collection of our favorite and most frequently used sites when getting our travel plans put together.


Delta / SkyTeam
These airlines are by far our favorite to fly with. Not only do they offer flight service from the U.S. to just about any destination you’d like to go, but also, their large partner/afficiliates program with the SkyTeam makes travel originating outside of the U.S. easier. Plus on any flights you take with them or their partners, you earn skymiles and qualification points towards your medallion status!

Delta Vacations
We want to highlight this website for several reasons. For starters, did we mention how much we love these airlines? Delta Vacations offers vacation packages to various destinations around the world that include hotel, car, and passes to local attractions. Also, you’ll often find discounted rate fares that you won’t find on their main website. Our favorite part though, is that after you make a deposit you have up to 30 days before your trip to pay it off.


Hilton and their hotel brands are our preferred hotel accommodations, mainly because of their extensive network and the fact that I have Diamond status with them. When you spend 150+ nights away from home a year, you want a consistently high quality experience. In addition, when you travel abroad sometimes you want something familiar. Hilton delivers this and combined with their booking options and benefits it makes the whole experience super easy.

We’ve recently become huge fans of Airbnb, and here’s why. It can be a much cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel in some instances, such as when traveling with multiple people or when in remote areas that don’t have hotel chains. Whether it be by yourself, or a group of 20, they offer plenty of options from which to choose from for your stay. Staying on an Airbnb property also offers a more personalized and intimate experience than what you’d get in a hotel. There is something about cooking breakfast with a group of your friends that is priceless. So next time your looking for accommodations at your next vacation spot, and a hotel room isn’t fitting the bill, check this site out. We are confident you won’t be let down (just make sure to throughly read the property reviews before you select a place to stay)!

Rental Cars & Railways

We use National and their partners whenever possible. They offer competitive rental car rates, but their main attraction is that you typically don’t have to deal with checkout lines and the whole hassle of renting a car after a long flight. You simply walk up to their emerald aisle, pick a car, then drive off (assuming you have a profile and reservation already setup with them). Not to mention, you earn free rental days which come in handy from time to time. Also, their travel partners make booking a car pretty easy when traveling internationally.

Virgin Trains
This mode of transport is currently only offered inside the U.K. However, if you’re ever visiting the area and want to get out and see the countryside or travel to another location within the U.K., we highly suggest using this train service. Their rates are very reasonable and the service is impressive. It’s super easy to use and you’ll easily find discounted rates if you book in advance.

Other Resources

Kayak is our flight search tool of choice. Even though there is a 99.99% chance that we’ll book with Delta, we still like their analytics and trend reports that show when flight prices are astronomically high and when there is likely to be a deal. Plus you can set up price alerts to let you know when your price point becomes available. It’s a great tool to research flight info, as well as, other services such as for hotels and rentals.

We use Trip Advisor regularly when looking for things to do at whatever place we are visiting at the moment. It’s a good resource if you’re trying to get people’s reviews on an activity you are thinking about checking out. We’ve been a top contributor on the site and enjoyed its benefits for years.

Yelp keeps us from going hungry when we travel. Ok maybe that is a stretch, but being able to research in advance and read reviews on restaurants wherever it is you are going makes finding somewhere to eat a breeze.

Qapital Savings
Qapital is GREAT way to save money. So much in fact, we’ve paid for entire vacations with this tool and done so by simply setting up a goal and creating a rule to save money towards it. You can be as aggressive or as relaxed as you want to be with it, and it makes saving money easy.

The Points Guy
So we enjoy this site because it keeps us up to speed on all the latest promotions and point opportunities, which is the best way to build up and utilize your frequent traveler points.

When you travel, you need bags. eBags is by far our go-to resource for purchasing great quality bags for all our travel needs. They offer tons of brands to choose from, and just about always have some kind of deal going on.